Monthly Colour Challenge

After looking at your work and some of the comments. I have realised that there are a few limitations to getting more entrants. And we need more entrants, so we can learn and be inspired by each other.
Not everyone is willing or able to purchase a full 1/4Kg of a colour they have never worked with and may not like.
And it is not practical for off-mandrel to pack and ship single rods.
So what is the solution???

I have put together a “ MONTHLY COLOUR PACK “ a selection of rods from different manufacturers to give you the chance to build a collection of colour and work with something a little out of your comfort zone....
Each pack will be 5-8 rods and will be around the £5 mark. And will include 2 rods of the next challenge colour. Packs will include rods from TAG, CIM, EFFETRE and VETROFOND.


1 “perfect purples”  a mix of opaque and transparent (now for sale on the site)

2 “water” blue. Transparent

3 “Sky”  blues and greys. Opaque

4 “bottle bank” green. Transparent

5“Fawkes Fire”     orange and reds. Opaque (November)

6“Whiskey galore”  ambers and browns. Transparent (Christmas drinks)

At the moment the packs will be available after the month of issue but will be “while stock last”.

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