Momka Peeva, a founding member of Glass Alchemy, consulted with Northstar on their bright colors, and was also a founding member of Pacific Borosilicate. Momka and her son Geo (Mechanical Engineer) now have their own factory that produces all standard borosilicate colors with new and improved formulas as well as a palette of original colors and creative designs

Momka has been creating glass for over 37 years. After graduating in glass chemistry from The Chemistry and Technology University in Sofia Bulgaria, she was a research engineer, glass technology manager, and Director of The Glass Technology Institute in Bulgaria. She wrote the leading glass textbook in Bulgaria; her book is used in Bulgarian technical schools. Before coming to America, she was a glass technology consultant for a number of European glass companies.

The new factory is producing borosilicate transparent and opaque colors in the blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, brown ranges plus black. New on the horizon will be opaque and opal white, metallic luster, deep rich purple, and more multi-colored rods.

Most of these colours are reactive, so the final colour depends on how they are worked. Photos show transmitted (right) and reflected (left) colour where appropriate.

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